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You are a TEDxSiouxFalls speaker! CONGRATS!

Refer to this page for rules, guidance, and resources as you prepare and rehearse to share your idea on the red circle carpet. 


Most questions on putting together your talk and any visuals can be found in either of these two documents the TED staff have put together:


TEDx Content Guidelines (the rules): 

TEDx Speaker Guide: 



  • Date of event is May 4th, 2023 at the Sommervold Hall of the Washington Pavilion. Doors open at 6:00pm. Start time is 7:00pm.

  • Order is to be determined.

  • Format is: first half of the lineup, a break, then second half of the lineup

  • You will have a LAV Mic (wireless lapel) hooked up via a Pinnacle technician.  This will be done 10-15 minutes prior to your turn on the stage. 

  • You will have a slide clicker. 

  • You will have a confidence monitor (screen at feet showing time & presenter view of slides).

  • There are practice/rehearsal opportunities that you'll see below. There are also coaching options available (not mandatory).

  • There will be 2 tickets held for you to give to family/friends wishing to attend.

orpheum event page sold out.jpg

TEDx to-do:

◻️ Confirm availability for dates and commitment to 2 practice sessions listed below

◻️ Sign Speaker Release Form for TED (see link directly below)

◻️ Choose Talk's Title

◻️ Choose Talk's short description (abstract) for YouTube

               Examples from last year can be viewed at

◻️ Send your bio to Wendy at

◻️ Send Wendy the expected length of your talk (3 to 16 minutes)

◻️ Get free photography headshot with our photographer

◻️ Do the thing!

Speaker Release Form needs to be signed and emailed to me so I can give to TED. It is for their use of uploading the video to their platform and having right to do so. 


Speaker Presentation Tools (Free Prezi account & Shutterstock stock images)


Practice schedule:

  • March 23rd

  • April 20th

  • May 2nd

Wendy's Email:   Cell: 507-829-2621

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