The Speakers of 2020 TEDxSioux Falls

Photo: Ackerman + Gruber

The (R)Evolution of Indigenous Foods

Chef Sean Sherman, Oglala Lakota from the Pine Ridge reservation, is the founder of The Sioux Chef. Through his research and culinary experience of thirty years he has uncovered and mapped out the foundations of the indigenous food systems and where its revitalization belongs in the future. 

A two time James Beard award winner, Chef Sean, has become renowned nationally and internationally in the culinary movement of indigenous foods. With an ever growing team of decolonized-minded peers, he is leading a movement to completely redefine North American cuisine through the understanding and utilization of indigenous food knowledge. This talk gives the case for an evolution of Native American Foods, taking important education of the past and applying them to the now.

Was Suffrage Worth the Fight or is Voting Obsolete?

100 years ago this year, women all over the country gathered to celebrate the passage of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote nationwide. For women and so many others who fought to be counted, to be heard, to vote – have their hard-fought wars been for naught? Is voting obsolete? And more important – was suffrage worth the struggle?

Getting What You Paid For

Healthcare spending continues to increase and is seemingly unsustainable. Yet at the same time, we get much less for what we spend. Can we do better? Let’s explore the concept of value in healthcare and how this may both improve healthcare outcomes and decrease healthcare costs.

Love, Attachment, Ties and Trauma

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is a rare but serious condition in which an infant or young child doesn't establish healthy attachments with parents or caregivers. How does early trauma affect a baby’s developing brain? How is the condition exhibited in a child? And what happens with a child with RAD grows up to be a student, coworker, or parent? This talk explores a complex topic from a layperson’s perspective; the parent of a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Exploring Human Connection In The Digital Age

How do our online interactions affect our relationships offline? Are our online interactions less meaningful than our interactions in the real world? Can we change the way we approach our interactions online and in turn create deeper connections in real life? How can we be proactive in curating our online experience to be one of joy, education, inspiration?

Survivor of Suicide Loss: A Title I Never Wanted

Growing up in the midwest, the daughter of a farmer and a teacher, Wendy learned many valuable lessons: the impact of hard work, the importance of being kind, and the value of relationships. But no one ever taught her how to survive a loved one's death by suicide, and that's what she had to figure out with the help of others. This heartfelt talk will demonstrate life's highs and lows and the importance of acknowledging inevitable hardships in order to move forward.

Climbing the Highest Peaks: The Plan and The Journey

Climbing the world’s tallest mountains is a feat that will push the body and mind to its limits.  It takes discipline, mental resilience and a passion to push further.  But why do people push themselves to take on such a challenge?  What can be learned about one’s self and humanity while treading on ancient slopes?  Journey with a climber that is taking on the world’s highest peaks and the lessons learn along the way.

Creating Waiting Rooms Worthy of the Kids They Serve

Going to the doctor’s office with children brings up all kinds of emotions. Children commonly report feeling afraid or anxious in the medical waiting rooms. Imagine a world where your pediatrician and dentist’s offices spark joy and even encourage noise and activity! Imagine a place that eases children’s anxiety while reassuring them they are safe and free to play. What if as soon as a child entered a waiting room—they found a place made just for them?

To the Stratosphere!

This is a story about how a technology you didn't know existed, based on an idea that sounds ridiculous on paper, might just save you from a global catastrophe you probably didn't know you needed to be worried about. Interested? Good. Let's talk about balloons...

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