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TEDx Event Updates

Last update: July 22, 6:00pm

After a period of postponements and an abundance of caution timeframe to ensure public health safety can be achieved, it is determined TEDxSiouxFalls will take place in 2020. The event date is set for August 20th at the new venue of the Sommervold Hall at the Washington Pavilion.  Doors open at 6:00pm. Event start scheduled for 7:00pm.


Safety measures to be in place for August 20th:


  • The venue has changed to The Washington Pavilion from the Orpheum to accommodate a 75% (at minimum) attendee to seating occupancy and allow for spaced out seating. Those wishing to have seated distancing will have that option.

  • Masks will be provided at the door and will be HIGHLY encouraged to be worn.

  • Sanitation stations will be set up throughout the venue in abundance.

  • Forehead temperature checks will be conducted to check for fever symptoms before entrance. Those with any symptoms unfortunately will not be allowed admittance for the good of public safety and themselves. A refund would be enacted.


With these measures in place and the TEDx team working alongside our medical health systems and with the Pavilion's event safety task force, we believe we can have a safely orchestrated event. Attending and participating, in whichever capacity, August 20th is on the responsibility of each ticket holder. If at any point a ticket holder is not comfortable or feels unsafe in attending they may request, and be issued, a refund at ANYTIME prior to August 20th.

If you purchased a ticket at any time in 2020 for TEDxSiouxFalls, you still electronically maintain that ticket. All tickets sold are for this and only this annual event.

If you would like to request a refund, please email with your name, email address used at checkout, and the number of tickets desired to have refunded. If you do wish to refund, that is completely understandable and we respect your cautionary decision in doing so.


If you plan to attend and join us August 20th, we look forward to having you with us!

Thank you & with gratitude,

-Thadeus Giedd

Lead Organizer and License Holder of TEDxSiouxFalls

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